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Every business needs to understand the value of its sign and storefront. Signage is far more than a simple marker indicating the location of a business: it is the means by which a business begins a conversation that can lead to transactions with members of the public. It begins the process of branding or indexing the business into the community's awareness.

Your business' on premise sign is really one of your most important assets. The majority of the time, the sign is the most inexpensive, effective option for advertising your business, and quite often it may possibly be the only form of advertising available to you, with regards to your company's advertising budget and expenses. If you, or your business, do not recognize the impact of your on premise sign and how it constantly communicates with potential customers, then it can be severely under-utilized. It is certainly the first thing a potential customer sees when approaching or passing by your business. We have all been taught that first impressions are everything, and naturally, the same is true for your business. If you do not have an aesthetically pleasing representation of your business, via your sign, you are more than likely to deter many potential customers. How much of an impact does your store sign have on your business? MAJOR IMPACT! For Example: Let's say you are looking for a childcare provider or facility in your local area, such as Melbourne, FL. You are driving down a few main roads, like Wickham or Sarno, and you pass two different childcare facilities. On one of the signs, the logo looks cracked and faded, and the lettering is partially missing, or faded. Overall, the sign looks old and dull, and doesn't stand out much on the road. In fact, you probably passed by it before without even noticing it. The other facility's sign is bright and vibrant, with bold, easy-to-read lettering, and a modern, contemporary emblem/logo. Plus, you can see the sign on the road from pretty far away. Which of these facilities would you want to walk into? 99% of people would choose the facility with the more visually appealing, newer sign. Your sign is a representation of your business, so if your sign looks neglected, many potential clients may assume the same of your business.

Not only does your sign serve as a representation and direction to your business, it is a method of persuasion, demonstrating your business' success and professionalism. It is also a landmark in and of itself, for instance, say someone is giving directions to a location close to your business and they speak of your sign post as a marker; that draws attention to your business and creates more potential clients. Here at SignAccess in Melbourne, FL., our team of experts will do whatever it takes to make sure your sign is designed and created to reach its full advertising potential.