The Value of Signs to Society

Prime Bank - Melbourne, FL

Properly-designed, sized and placed signage helps support our high standard of living through its significant contribution to economic activity, and ability to facilitate equal opportunity in the marketplace for all American businesses. Businesses of all sizes rely heavily on their ability to communicate with potential customers, and signs offer an extremely efficient and vital means of communication.

Proper signage that is clearly visible and appealing to the eye, and accurately portrays the necessary information about the business' products or services, without a doubt enhances customer and purchasing volume, regardless of who owns it, making it much more profitable, therefore increasing the value of the business.

The financial success of a local business results in benefiting the residents of the community, in more ways than one. Not only does it supply local consumers with a broad selection of goods and/or services, in more convenient locations and prices, but a business that is financially secure can help to provide more jobs for individuals in the community, as well as contributing to the tax revenues that support local public services.

America is probably the most itinerant society in the world. As a result, communication and transportation are indispensably linked. Without visual communications for businesses on our roadways, there would be direct economic hardship for both the business, its employees, and the local community government.

Recognition of a logo, emblem, insignia, brand, or business name fuels the economy, both locally and nationally. More and more people are beginning to recognize the economic link of signage to transportation and communication. It should be your business's priority to stay ahead of the curve in this aspect, or in the very least, keep up with it. That is essential to the success of your business in your local community.