Case Studies

Cash America Pawn

Cash America Pawn is a universally known brand in the pawn and cash advance industry. Since its conception in 1984, Cash America has reinvented the image of the pawn industry with well-appointed shops and professionally-trained staff. Today, Cash America International is the industry leader serving the needs of the under-banked community in the United States.

Fast, Efficient Service

When Hurricane Wilma devastated the East coast of Florida in late 2005, SignAccess surveyed the damage to signage for Cash America Pawn locations and made the appropriate repairs quickly and efficiently.

New Signage

Most recently, SignAccess provided a full refurbishment package for a location in Orlando, FL. The scope of the work included fabricating and installing a new set of channel letters with accompanying capsule signs. Below the channel letters, SignAccess fabricated and installed a full-length aluminum awning with standing seams, aluminum soffit and outdoor flourescent lighting. Finally, the existing pylon sign gained a new face and an attractive fabricated pole cover.

I have purchased signage from Joe Couturier of SignAccess since 1992. I have maintained this long vendor relationship with Joe because he has always handled my signage projects professionally while paying close attention to every detail, which in turn makes my job easier. I depend on SignAccess to meet my deadlines and consistently deliver quailty products and service.

Jeff Cullum, Cash America Pawn

SignAccess continues to serve Cash America Pawn at locations throughout the East Coast.

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